Statements we say are Pants on Fire!

"This administration is slashing the Navy to pay for more Obamacare."

Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine voted "to let the U.N. take OUR guns."

U.S. Reps. Eric Cantor and Luis Gutierrez were "touring the country last year … joined at the hip, working together in a bipartisan fashion indeed for the goal of immigration reform."

Says Ken Cuccinelli wants "to eliminate all forms of birth control."

Ken Cuccinelli "tried to shut down" state government.

Under Obamacare, "The IRS will have access to the American people’s protected health care information."

Says an investigative report concluded Ken Cuccinelli "should have been prosecuted" for disclosure violations, but Virginia's law was too weak.

New Virginia regulations on abortion clinics "provide the same sanitary environment we expect of dental offices."

U.S. Rep. Scott Rigell "wants gun owners in a federal registration system."

"The National Science Foundation spent $1.2 million paying seniors to play World of Warcraft to study the impact it had on their brain."

Except for Virginia, "the other 49 states keep raising their gas tax."

Says his plan to raise car registration to $56 would still leave Virginia with a fee that’s "equal to or lower than most states."

"Virginia papers called (Scott) Rigell’s campaign ‘Mostly False.’"

Says Eric Cantor voted to assure Congress would be paid if the government shut down and against guaranteeing troops would be paid.

States still face a "mandate" to expand Medicaid coverage under President Obama's health care reform law.

Says the D.C. city council passed a law banning lethal rat trapping.

Appalachian Power Company is making "record profits."

Virginia state employees "pay nothing" toward their pensions.

Phil Puckett "voted no on sending the EPA a message that they’ve gone too far not once, but twice."

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