The latest statements we've reviewed for PolitiFact Virginia

"Obamacare passed by just one vote in the Senate. It wouldn’t have passed without Mark Warner’s vote."

"The largest enterprise in the world is the federal government of the United States of America"

In Virginia, "Medicaid has grown by 1,600 percent in the last 30 years."

"We expanded charter" schools.

"Of the four statewide races this century within a 300-vote margin, three have been overturned in a recount."

Mark Warner cast "the tiebreaking vote" to pass Obamacare.

Terry McAuliffe "wants to raise your taxes $1,700 to pay for his infinite promises."

Ken Cuccinelli would "take money away from public schools to fund private schools."

Says Ken Cuccinelli wants "to eliminate all forms of birth control."

"Mark Herring voted to allow sex offenders, including rapists, to serve shorter sentences."

Since Obamacare became law, "most of our new jobs have been part-time jobs."

"It’s been 4 and a half years since the United States Senate passed a budget."

Terry McAuliffe has "threatened to shut down Virginia’s government if his budget plan isn’t supported."

Virginia is "the number one state per capita in screening out people with mental illness from gun purchases."  

The growth in health care costs "has been reined in through the Affordable Care Act."

Ken Cuccinelli "tried to shut down" state government.

Under Cuccinelli’s tax cut plan, "school divisions across Virginia could be forced to fire over 8,000 teachers."  

Says Ken Cuccinelli tried to make it more difficult for mothers to obtain divorces.

"Terry McAuliffe cashed in, walking away with millions" from the demise of Global Crossing.

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