Statements about Energy

On offshore drilling for energy

Mark Warner’s "record is one of acting against" the Keystone XL pipeline.

On the coal industry

On oil drilling off Virginia's coast.

Says Virginia economic development officials "decided they didn’t want to bid on" his company's electric automobile plant.

There is "over 20 times more energy" in a proposed Southside uranium mining site than "there is in all the oil that’s estimated to be off Virginia’s coast"

"The Agriculture Department estimates that roughly 42 percent of the corn crop will be used to make ethanol -- more than the amount of corn used to feed livestock and poultry in the United States."

"This year, Eric Cantor has received more money from oil companies than any other member of Congress."

Tim Kaine supported "higher energy costs for families."

 "Under President Obama, domestic oil production is at an eight-year high."  

"And the revenue generated by drilling off Virginia’s coast? $40 million over 10 years."

The cost of a gas tank fill-up has risen $30 since Barack Obama became president.  

"You're supposed to throw away your shoes" if mercury from a broken CFL light bulb gets on them.

"Our federal government has lent $2 billion to the state-owned oil company of Brazil to allow them to explore for oil and gas."  

The United States "is number one in the world in energy resources; Russia is number two."  

Appalachian Power Company is making "record profits."

On campaign contributions from electric utilities.

Phil Puckett "voted no on sending the EPA a message that they’ve gone too far not once, but twice."

"We are number one in the world when it comes to energy resources. ... The Russians are second; Saudi Arabia is number three." 

"American oil production is at its highest level since 2003."

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