Statements about Health Care

Paul Ryan’s budget "keeps the Obamacare taxes and spending cuts that paid for Obamacare, but then cuts all of the benefits."

"A study by the University of Virginia pulls back the curtain on Medicaid’s tragically bad outcomes, including ‘increased risk of adjusted mortality.’"

"Repealing and replacing Obamacare – that’s going to save $1 trillion over a 10-year period."

Because of the health care act, "The people who have health care and like it in this county are not going to be able to keep what they have."

States still face a "mandate" to expand Medicaid coverage under President Obama's health care reform law.

President Obama's health care law is "a government takeover of healthcare."  

Tim Kaine urged "$500 billion in Medicare cuts."

Homosexual behavior "cuts your life by about 20 years."

The CBO says the cost of health care reform will rise to $1.8 trillion, "increasing the price to far greater than the $900 billion" originally projected. 

Under Ryan plan, "those 54 and younger would receive the same kind of healthcare options now enjoyed by members of Congress."

A majority of the American people opposed the health care law when it was signed and still oppose it today.  

"Originally, Democrats promised that if you liked your health care plan, you could keep it. One year later we know that you need a waiver to keep your plan."

The health care bill has "six years of costs against 10 years of tax revenue."

The health care reform law "offset[s] 6 years of benefits with 10 years of tax increases."

New provisions of the health care law bar the use of flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts to pay for aspirin and other non-prescription health needs. 

The tax-cut deal "adds more than $800 billion to the deficit over two years -- more than the cost of TARP and more than the cost of the Recovery Act" and about the same as health care reform.

Those who fail to buy health insurance under "Obamacare" face the threat of jail time.  

The Democrats' health care reform law is a "government takeover of health care."

Republicans "created a trillion dollar prescription drug entitlement program without paying for it." 

The health care reform law "reduces the deficit by nearly $1.2 trillion over the next two decades." 

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