Statements about Transportation

Says Virginia saved $300 million by rebidding a Metrorail construction project to exclude guaranteed union contracts.

In Virginia "there has been a billion dollars in surplus over the last three years. The legislature has spent less than 1 percent of that on roads."

Except for Virginia, "the other 49 states keep raising their gas tax."

"One-third of the gasoline is purchased by out-of-state people" in Virginia

Says his plan to raise car registration to $56 would still leave Virginia with a fee that’s "equal to or lower than most states."

Says his transportation plan "would make Virginia the first state in the nation to eliminate the state tax on gasoline."

Northern Virginia is the most "heavily trafficked place in the country."

Gov. Bob McDonnell launched a "raid on public education to pay for roads."

Commercial buses in the United States have "a stellar safety record, a safety record that exceeds that of any other commercial mode or surface transportation mode."

"The $1.8 billion in [transportation] bonding, we don’t have a repayment mechanism."

Road construction bids "are coming in at the lowest in the modern era." 

"[Tailpipe emissions rules], if fully implemented with all the regulations that go with it, they will keep the temperature from rising nearly five one-hundredths of a degree Fahrenheit. By 2050."

"It is estimated that every $100 million spent on construction generates 3,000 new jobs."

The governor has made a "commitment to billions of dollars in debt and new spending without any explanation of how he plans to pay that money back." 

Proposed federal regulations would affect every street sign in the country

On whether the state should ramp up borrowing to build roads. 

"The Governor did not consult members of his own party before he released his [transportation] plan."

$65 million from ABC privatization will not pay for "even an overpass in Tysons Corner."

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