Statements from the Wisconsin: 2010 Governor's race

Says Governor-elect Scott Walker’s choice as transition team leader "killed the release of a damaging report on Walker’s record in the days leading up to the election."

As mayor, Barrett led efforts to redevelop the Menomonee Valley, "which now supports nearly 4,000 jobs in Wisconsin."

Says Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker "increased his own pay by $50,000."

"In Congress Tom Barrett voted to allow abortions through the ninth month, just moments before the baby is born."

Says "Scott Walker wants to make abortion illegal, even in cases of rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother."

Says "Scott Walker favors cutting up to 350,000 families and children off health care."

Says Gov. Jim Doyle and the DNR have not put hunters first and mismanaged the deer herd; as a result "the deer population has dwindled."

"Scientists have shown us (that) the greater possibilities, the real science movement, has been with adult stem cell research. It has not been with embryonic."

Says "Scott Walker tried to pass a law to allow pharmacists to block women’s access to birth control."

Says "Tom Barrett supports a government takeover of our health care"

Says Scott Walker "eliminated his own office of economic development in the middle of this recession."

Says "Scott Walker says he would ban stem cell research" 

Since being elected in 2002, Scott Walker has "given back over $370,000 of his salary to the county."

Says "the headlines … tell the story" of how Walker has "mismanaged" Milwaukee County

As Milwaukee County executive, Scott Walker "eliminated the waiting list for long-term care for older adults through the Family Care program."

When each faced a pension funding crisis, Tom Barrett made tough choices and smart cuts while Scott Walker passed $400 million in pension debt to the next generation.

"Our county now has the fastest growing airport in America, attracting nearly 1,000 new private sector jobs."

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