Statements from the Wisconsin: 2012 Governor Recall's race

Since Scott Walker took office as governor in January 2011, there has been an increase of 33,200 jobs in Wisconsin.

Says Democratic recall opponent Mahlon Mitchell sent a letter "encouraging folks to boycott more than 100 companies."

Gov. Scott Walker is helping pay for the criminal defense of a man accused of "boy rape."

Says Gov. Scott Walker said "no to equal pay for equal work for women."

The salaries of Wisconsin’s best-educated public school teachers were "slashed" by Gov. Scott Walker through a recent administrative rule change.

Says Democratic recall opponent Tom Barrett is campaigning on "lifting property tax" limits.

Says Gov. Scott Walker approved a "gutting" of two tax credits that help the poor and elderly.

Says Gov. Scott Walker "has caused Wisconsin to lose more jobs than any other state in the country."

Wisconsin women "are paid 81 cents to the dollar of a man doing the same job."

Says Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s budget "calls for raising property taxes by nearly $500 billion."

The Wisconsin law repealed by Republicans, which allowed discriminated workers to sue in state court, "was kind of a gravy train" for lawyers.

Says she made a "cold call" and persuaded an Illinois company to relocate to Wisconsin. 

Says Gov. Scott Walker signed abortion, sex education and discrimination bills "in secret."

In labor negotiations with city employees, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett "demanded concessions that went beyond those mandated" by Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law

Says his sons were "targeted" on Facebook "by out-of-state protesters."

"Together we added more jobs than any other area" while I was Dane County executive.

Says "unemployment tripled" in Dane County due to Kathleen Falk’s tax policies

Mayor Tom Barrett’s policies drove unemployment up 27 percent in Milwaukee, pushing it to "one of America’s 10 worst cities for unemployment."

Says Wisconsin women facing pay discrimination can't "do something about it" under bill passed by Republicans.

"We gave every public employee in the state the freedom to choose whether or not they want to be in a union."

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