Statements from the Wisconsin: 2012 Governor Recall's race

"In his very first budget, (Milwaukee) Mayor Tom Barrett broke his pledge to keep a lid on property taxes and has continued increasing taxes and fees ever since."

Says Gov. Scott Walker "didn’t balance the budget" so "we now have a larger state deficit 14 months into (his) term than we did when he was elected."

Says "over 1 million signatures" were submitted in attempt to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Says Gov. Scott Walker cut aid to local schools despite campaigning on trying to restore two-thirds state funding for education

Says 94 percent of Wisconsin employers think the state "is heading in the right direction" and a majority say they will "grow their companies in 2012."

Says Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker doesn't make his calendar public -- "he's on our dime and we don't know where he is."

Says Gov. Scott Walker is "openly" backing a move to abolish the state retirement system and convert it to a 401(k)-style plan that will reduce pensions "by at least a third" for current and retired public employees  

Says 21,000 Wisconsin residents got jobs in 2011, but "18,000 of them" were in other states.

Says Scott Walker enacted "the biggest cuts to education in our state’s history."

A 10-year state program that created 202 jobs at a cost of $247,000 per job was approved by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

As Dane County executive, Kathleen Falk raised property taxes by "millions of dollars every year" and approved the second highest increase in the state in 2010.

"We wiped out a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes."

Says Wisconsin Democrats during the previous administration adopted "double-digit tax increases."

Says she got unions to agree to "about $10 million in reduction" of salaries and health benefits while serving as Dane County executive in Wisconsin.

"Mayor Barrett saved Milwaukee $25 million, thanks to Gov. Walker’s reforms."

Says Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker eliminated "cancer screenings for uninsured women" and offered "no alternatives."  

Wisconsin’s monthly job reports have a "margin of error" of 75 percent and were "way off" in eight of first 10 months of 2011.

Scott Walker’s school-aid cuts were so devastating that students are without chairs and a government survey found 47 kids in a classroom.  

"Wisconsin election officials to accept Mickey Mouse, Hitler signatures" on recall petitions.

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