Consolidation of municipal services

"Establish an official framework to guide consolidation of services and functions between County, State and local governments."


The promised plan has been put in place and already some progress

Running for Milwaukee County executive, Chris Abele said he would utilize his experience as a business owner to find efficiencies in government. One of his campaign pledges was to create an "official framework” for seeking the consolidation of services and functions among the county and state and local governments.

Chief of staff Amber Moreen said Abele has directed county department heads to "actively search for consolidations that, based on research and data, benefit each unit of government, save taxpayer dollars and/or improve outcomes. This framework is now a part of how the county executive's administration approaches provision of services.”

Moreen noted that under Abele, the county now does autopsies for Racine County on a fee basis. She said the county is also talking to Racine and Kenosha counties about administering the state Family Care program for them.

Since this promise doesn't go to actual consolidations, but to setting up the framework for seeking them, we rate it a Promise Kept.


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