Create plan to turn county property into 'job generators'

Will, as one of his first acts as county executive, "order a comprehensive audit of county land and building assets, identify those that are unneeded or underused, and then deliver a plan to transform those assets into job generators."


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No plan on the table, no properties sold

Updated: Monday, March 19th, 2012 | By Tom Kertscher

One of the ways Chris Abele said he would create jobs as Milwaukee County executive was to "deliver a plan" that would transform unneeded or underused county assets into "job generators."

So, where's the plan?

Deputy Chief of Staff John Zapfel noted Abele's efforts to try and persuade Kohl's to move its headquarters from suburban Menomonee Falls to long-vacant county-owned land in the Park East part of downtown Milwaukee; and he noted Abele's reorganization of the county economic development department.

Zapfel also said Abele has convened a panel on long-term liabilities that can find county land to sell. And he said Abele's budget included a facilities study to identify assets to sell.

Those steps fall short, however, of Abele's promise to "deliver a plan" to transform county assets into job generators. And the county hasn't yet sold any assets to turn them into job generators.

We rate this a Promise Broken.


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