Promise Broken rulings on the Abele-O-Meter

Sell underused county property to pay debts

Will "use the proceeds from the sale of underused county facilities to help accelerate debt repayment as part of his Milwaukee County facilities and energy reform plan."

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Not raise taxes

"As Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abele will not raise your taxes."

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Temporarily exempt small-business start-ups from property taxes

"Will grant a short-term property tax exemption for new small business startups based on new net jobs created in Milwaukee County."

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Establish a 'final' Park East plan

Will establish "a final Park East Plan that will turn the vacant land into job-generating development."

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Implement a jobs strategy

Will "implement a real jobs strategy for Milwaukee County, including establishment of a final Park East Plan that will turn the vacant land into job-generating development."

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Sell unused and underused land and buildings

Will "sell at competitive terms unused and underused land and building assets to companies and entrepreneurs who want to start or expand business ventures."

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Create fund to make loans and grants to start-up and expanding businesses

Will direct revenue from land and building sales "into a segregated fund to provide loans and grants to businesspeople eager to launch or expand ventures but are having trouble finding startup capital in the current tight credit market."

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Overhaul transit system to connect residents with employers

Will overhaul "the transit system to ensure residents without transportation are connected to the highest density of employers, as well as job training centers like MATC, MSOE, UWM and when possible, using smarter routes during shift changes and rush hour."

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Create plan to turn county property into 'job generators'

Will, as one of his first acts as county executive, "order a comprehensive audit of county land and building assets, identify those that are unneeded or underused, and then deliver a plan to transform those assets into job generators."

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Combine state, local public employees into buying pool for health insurance

"Abele pledged to work with stakeholders from all sides to combine employees from Milwaukee County, the State of Wisconsin, local municipalities, school districts, and other government entities to establish and focus on growing a purchasing pool large enough to negotiate lower costs in the health care marketplace."

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