Promise Broken rulings on the Walk-O-Meter

Lift nuclear moratorium

Will "lift Wisconsin’s nuclear moratorium to encourage this clean energy option and ensure that we continue to invest in energy transmission to move power from outside Wisconsin across the state."

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Create "jobs hotline" for direct access to governor's office

Will "create a 'Jobs Hotline' so job creators have direct access to the governor’s office within 24 hours. No more unreturned calls, no more uninterested politicians. When job creators are looking to expand or relocate to Wisconsin, or if they are thinking of leaving, my office will be able to offer immediate action to bring new jobs to our state and save existing jobs."

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Allow smoking in businesses

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker said Saturday (July 10, 2010) that he would sign a repeal of the state's smoking ban if elected governor

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Oppose and veto all tax increases

Will "oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes."

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Repeal 2009 income tax increase on wealthiest taxpayers

In a conference call Monday (Nov. 2, 2009) with reporters, Walker said his first budget would undo tax increases approved this year by the Legislature. This year's state budget included increases in business taxes; the capital gains tax; and the income tax for the wealthiest residents. Walker said he would do away with those increases.

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Require use of accepted accounting principles to balance all state budgets

Will "require the use of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to balance every state budget, just as we require every local government and school district to do."

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Strip policy items and pork projects from the state budget

Will "strip policy and pork projects from the state budget. The budget process should be about funding essential government services based on the taxpayers’ ability to pay."

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Never "raid" special state funds for other programs

Will "end the practice of raiding segregated state funds to pay for other programs. If taxpayer revenue is collected for a specific purpose such as building and maintaining roads, it should be used for that purpose and that purpose only."

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Sponsor annual event aimed at convention and meeting planners

Will "sponsor an annual event to bring national association meeting planners and Wisconsin businesses together. I will make this (Conference of Tourism) a key component of both my tourism and economic development agenda."

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Sign legislation on immigration similar to Arizona bill

Will "sign similar legislation to the Arizona law to ensure the taxpayers of Wisconsin are not paying for benefits like BadgerCare and in-state college tuition for people who are here illegally."

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Immediately pay full employee contribution on his state pension

Will voluntarily and immediately pay the full employee contribution for his own pension if elected governor. “Currently, Wisconsin taxpayers foot the bill for both the employer and employee contributions for the pension benefit received by state employees and elected officials.” 

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