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"We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. It’s 35 percent."

Members of the public are being charged $50 to hear Gov. Scott Walker and a dozen members of his administration talk about jobs and the economy at Lambeau Field.

The federal government is spending $46,000 a year per family (or group of four) and could balance its budget by dropping that to $30,000.

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly approved "only one out of 376 amendments offered by Assembly Democrats" in 2011.

Says GOP recall challenger Kim Simac "was delinquent paying her property taxes eight of the last nine years."

"The federal government is spending 25 percent of our entire economy versus 100 years ago we spent only 2 percent."

Says state Rep. Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) ran a red light and seriously injured a bicyclist.

Republican redistricting plans cut Democrat Nancy Nusbaum out of  "her state Senate district by a half a block."

Says state Senate recall challenger Sandy Pasch voted "to cut school aid by nearly $300 million."

"Taxpayers pay for roughly 45 percent of all births in Wisconsin! And 60 percent of the births in Milwaukee!!!"

"Abraham Lincoln (once) jumped out of a window in the Illinois Legislature in order to deny a quorum."  

Says people who signed recall petitions against Wisconsin state Sen. Jim Holperin received "harassing phone calls from out-of-state telemarketers claiming to represent the Democratic Party and insinuating foul play by petition circulators."

Says Milwaukee County spent over $170,000 in salaries in 2010 for employees to "participate in union activities such as collective bargaining."

"Just 400 Americans -- 400 -- have more wealth than half of all Americans combined."

In 2011, "the average annual compensation for a teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools system will exceed $100,000."

In 2009, Democratic Wisconsin state senators "rammed through a billion-dollar tax hike in 24 hours with no public input."

"In its current state, this bill is the most restrictive voter ID legislation in the nation."

"I’m the only candidate for Milwaukee County executive that has voted against increasing government pensions."

Most state employees could pay twice as much toward their health care premiums and it would still be half the national average

"I never proposed privatizing the (Milwaukee County) airport."

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