The Walker file:
Don Walker

Business reporter

Don Walker is a business reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and is covering the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign.


The latest Truth-O-Meter items from Don Walker

Says the University of Wisconsin football program is spending almost all of its Bowl Championship Series payout on a Rose Bowl junket for politically connected officials

"A majority of Wisconsinites opposed the government takeover of health care. But Russ Feingold voted for it anyway."

Says the Feingold garage ad "is a fake: He’s not standing in front of his house."

Says Ron Johnson’s company got government loans and a grant to help expand his business

Russ Feingold "has not worked anywhere outside of politics."

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Was Feingold really in front of his house?

A Milwaukee talk show host claims that the Feingold ad is a fake. PolitiFact Wisconsin goes behind the green screen to find the truth.

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