Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Statements about Labor

Half Flip

Voted consistently, but veered on explanations

Mostly False

Unprecedented departure stymied action, but GOP had the tools to break the logjam. And did.

Mostly False

The proposals would save money, but assumptions behind the math show the bottom line is off


The rhetoric overstates the reality, but on some points not by much

Pants on Fire!

Even the officials who used the number didn't believe it for long

Mostly True

Some pay a little less, but the numbers generally are on target


The correct average is actually 16 percent less


The number is accurate. The same holds for several other Milwaukee area districts

Pants on Fire!

Um, they’re actually re-securing the building after damage was done


As a political argument, it may work. But as a financial one? Experts say not so much


Law enforcement in Madison doesn't see it that way