Statements about Message Machine 2010

"According to independent analysis, unfair trade deals have resulted in the loss of over 64,000 jobs in Wisconsin ... But Ron Johnson favors those deals."

"For the first time in history, Wisconsin has more government jobs than manufacturing jobs."

In 2009, "the state Legislature passed more than $5 billion in tax increases."

Says "Scott Walker says he would ban stem cell research" 

Says "Russ Feingold cut Medicare by $523 billion."

"A majority of Wisconsinites opposed the government takeover of health care. But Russ Feingold voted for it anyway."

Says "the headlines … tell the story" of how Walker has "mismanaged" Milwaukee County

Says the Feingold garage ad "is a fake: He’s not standing in front of his house."

When each faced a pension funding crisis, Tom Barrett made tough choices and smart cuts while Scott Walker passed $400 million in pension debt to the next generation.

"Politician Reid Ribble wants to phase out Social Security, forcing Wisconsin seniors to fend for themselves."

Washington politicians "run Social Security like a Ponzi scheme."

Says Ron Johnson’s company got government loans and a grant to help expand his business

Tom Barrett "voted for the largest tax increase in history ... raising taxes on gas and Social Security."

Russ Feingold "has not worked anywhere outside of politics."

"While many of his colleagues turned down a $2,500 pay raise ... (Jeff) Plale pocketed the extra money."

"Senator Jeff Plale saved my job" -- and some 300 others at Bucyrus International.

"Walker says he’s for lower taxes. But Milwaukee County spending has gone up by $349 million."

Scott Walker supported the same transportation bill he’s attacking me for. He said at the time it would save the taxpayers money.

Like me, Scott Walker opposed the 1998 transportation bill and the $9 billion of wasteful spending.

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