Articles from November, 2016

Exploring the facts as California braces for Trump’s immigration policies

Donald Trump’s promises to make hard-line immigration reforms have raised numerous concerns and questions in California. PolitiFact California spoke with immigration experts to sort through the facts and answer some of the most pressing questions.

Bold claims about California’s drug price measure persist, despite unknowns

Despite the unknowns about how Proposition 61 will affect prescription drug costs in California, supporters and opponents continue to make bold predictions. PolitiFact California examines the No on 61 campaign's assertion that the measure will hike drug costs -- not reduce them -- for most Californians.

Gov. Jerry Brown slams Prop 53, omits analysis on mega-project measure

Gov. Jerry Brown says in a new TV ad that California's Proposition 53 "increases the cost of roads, bridges and hospitals." PolitiFact California did not put a Truth-O-Meter rating on Brown's statement. But its examination found the governor ignores about half the independent analysis on the measure -- analysis that shows scenarios where costs could decrease.