Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Here's what the candidates had to say about Ohio

Democrats took the stage in the Columbus suburb of Westerville Tuesday. But did they study up on Ohio?

Fact-Checking the Candidates' Claims From the Fourth Democratic Debate

Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate was the largest in history, featuring a record-breaking 12 candidates on stage. Just as in the past three debates, candidates made sweeping claims about the state of the nation as they argued over issues such as health care, gun policy and the economy. Each argued that his or her policies could improve the lives of Americans. But were all of their claims accurate? TIME’s reporters took a look.

Fact checking the October Democratic presidential debate in Ohio

Three hours, 12 candidates. Here's how their claims stack up.

Dems debate on guns, Syria, health care

A dozen Democrats seeking the presidency tussled Tuesday night in a debate packed with policy, flubbing some details in the process.

Fact-Checking the Democratic Debate

Our reporters followed all of the exchanges and fact-checked the candidates, providing context and explanation on the policy debates.

Fact-checking the fourth Democratic debate

The fourth Democratic debate had 12 candidates, lasted three hours — and did not have many statements that merited fact-checking. Here are the claims that caught our attention.

The Democratic Letter to Ukraine

In May 2018, three Democratic senators wrote to the Ukrainian prosecutor general, asking about a news report that he had frozen four Ukrainian investigations involving Paul Manafort to avoid angering President Donald Trump. Republicans have called the letter a “threat” to withhold support for aid to Ukraine, saying it’s similar to what critics have charged Trump did.

Trump inverts time and invents conversations to thwart impeachment

Central to the president’s message is a Four-Pinocchio claim: that the whistleblower complaint inaccurately portrayed his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the events surrounding it.

Trump tries to rewrite reality on his Ukraine controversy

There is no evidence Pelosi said or thought that the rough transcript was underwhelming or substantially different than she expected. "It's complete fiction," Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill told CNN of Trump's claim. While we can't know what Pelosi might have said in private, Pelosi's public statement on the Trump call was scathing.

Trump says again that Americans need ID to buy groceries. They still don't

President Donald Trump said again on Friday that Americans need identification to buy groceries, which remains not true.

Fact checking Trump's claim that Kurds are releasing ISIS prisoners on purpose

Contrary to Trump's allegation, US officials have told CNN there are no indications that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have intentionally released any of the 10,000-plus ISIS prisoners they guard.

Trump makes at least 12 false claims at his longest rally

President Donald Trump held the longest campaign rally of his presidency on Thursday night, speaking for more than 101 minutes in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Trump’s shoddy info on Syria, impeachment

President Donald Trump spread shoddy information about Syria, the economy and matters at the heart of the impeachment inquiry against him in a week of caustic rhetoric. Here are some examples.

Trump’s Misguided Tweet on California Gasoline Prices

California’s proposed fuel efficiency standards for cars don’t have anything to do with the state having the highest gas prices in the country, but that’s what President Donald Trump suggested in a tweet.

Fact-Checking 5 Claims About the Impeachment Inquiry

President Trump and his defenders have inaccurately attacked the impeachment inquiry for what they say are procedural and constitutional violations, a faulty premise and a lack of support.

President Trump has made 13,435 false or misleading claims over 993 days

As President Trump approaches his 1,000th day in office Wednesday, he has significantly stepped up his pace of spouting exaggerated numbers, unwarranted boasts and outright falsehoods.

Trump falsely claims 'we have no soldiers in Syria'

The US still has about 1,000 soldiers in Syria, military officials have told CNN and other news outlets, and the troops Trump removed from the area of the Turkish incursion offensive were not removed from the country.

Trump hypes US economy, minimizes IS threat

President Donald Trump on Thursday minimized the ongoing threat of the Islamic State and overstated his economic success, declaring inaccurately that China would have overtaken the U.S. as the world’s largest economy if he wasn’t president. Here’s a look at his claims at a Minneapolis rally, his first since Democrats opened an impeachment inquiry of Trump’s actions as president.

Fact-checking Trump's claim that Kurds did not help the US in WWII and Normandy invasion

The Kurds as an entity did not assist the US during World War II or at Normandy in particular, but that's because they couldn't.

President Trump’s Minneapolis rally speech

For 102 minutes Thursday, President Donald Trump railed against investigations into his presidency, attempts to derail his agenda and his political critics.