Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Do most Americans want stricter gun laws?

When politicians claim that most Americans support a certain policy position, it’s important to determine what it is exactly they support, what “most” means, and who was asking.

Fact-checking Rudy Giuliani's newest allegations from his Ukraine trip

A series of conspiratorial claims against Ukraine's government and the US embassy in Kiev have now been alleged by President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Trump and the people he forgets he knew

When certain associates and acquaintances of President Donald Trump get into hot water, he forgets he ever knew them. Various figures from the Russia investigation and the Ukraine matter as well as a British prince have fallen out of familiarity with the president in this way. For a few days, the stock market suffered a similar fate when it dipped too low for Trump to boast about it. Buthe rediscovered the market by the end of the week when it rose back up. A look at some remarks by Trump from the NATO summit in London and from back home as the Democratic effort to impeach him moves ahead.

Can former presidents be impeached?

We’re venturing into the void, into what Donald Rumsfeld would call a “known unknown.”

Republicans Cherry-Pick Facts on Impeachment

As the House Judiciary Committee began public hearings on whether to draft and approve articles of impeachment, Republicans presented a set of facts that they claimed cleared President Donald Trump of any wrongdoing.

Did Zelensky Say Trump ‘Did Nothing Wrong’ In Relation to Ukraine?

The U.S. president engaged in some wishful thinking about a major interview his Ukrainian counterpart gave in December 2019.

Trump suddenly loses interest in stock market

President Donald Trump offered a faulty take on the Constitution’s grounds for impeachment Wednesday as he wrapped up a NATO summit marked by his misstatements on several fronts. Among them, he claimed that he pays no attention to the stock market despite plentiful evidence that he treats that indicator as the pulse of his presidency. Or at least he did, until stocks took a thrashing. A look at some of his comments from London.

Pete Buttigieg’s claim that ‘we cut the black poverty rate by more than half’

Buttigieg is using official estimates from the Census Bureau, but he cherry-picked the most flattering instead of the most scientifically reliable.

Trump makes at least 21 false claims at NATO meetings

Trump made false claims about NATO while sitting with Stoltenberg, and false claims about Europe while sitting with Macron.

Fact-checking six questionable claims in the GOP impeachment report

Ahead of the next hearings in the impeachment inquiry, House Republicans released a report analyzing the evidence presented thus far. In an effort to undermine the credibility of the original whistleblower complaint, and the legitimacy of the inquiry itself, the report passes off several debunked theories as facts. Here are a few.

GOP tries to connect dots on Biden and Ukraine, but comes up short

These facts have not stopped Trump’s Republican defenders from trying to prove Trump correct.

Fact-Checking Trump’s NATO Remarks

President Donald Trump repeated a slew of false claims to an international audience at the annual NATO summit.

Trump’s misstatements at NATO summit

President Donald Trump on Tuesday wholly misrepresented the U.S. record on international trade disputes, incorrectly accused House Democrats of denying him lawyers in impeachment proceedings and dismissed as a mysterious “rumor” his own statement from months ago about Britain’s health system. Here’s a look at some of his statements from London, where’s he is attending a NATO meeting.

Trump Misquotes Ukrainian President in Latest Impeachment Defense

President Trump misleadingly claimed that the Ukrainian leader said he had “done nothing wrong.”

Zelensky’s Remarks About Trump, In Context

President Donald Trump said the impeachment inquiry should be “case over” because Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters “very strongly that President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.” But that’s not what Zelensky said.

Did impeachment witnesses say Hunter Biden should be ‘looked at’?

The record shows that no witnesses in the impeachment inquiry have said that Hunter Biden’s involvement in Burisma, specifically the money he earned as a board member, was worthy of investigation. But Collins’s spokeswoman says that he did not say or suggest that — he was only referring to phrases such as a “possibility of a perception of a conflict of interest.”

Not enough Pinocchios for Trump’s CrowdStrike obsession

The president persists in pursuing a debunked conspiracy theory. Somehow, we’ve never gotten around to assigning a Pinocchio rating for this claim. Maybe that’s because there aren’t enough Pinocchios available in our system to truly do this justice.

Warren Misleads on Her Kids’ Schooling

Sen. Elizabeth Warren misleadingly told a group of school-choice activists that her children “went to public schools,” not private ones. Warren’s campaign later clarified that her daughter attended public school, while her son mostly attended private school.

Did Obama Fire All Bush-Appointed Ambassadors?

Q: Did President Barack Obama immediately fire all Bush-appointed ambassadors “the day he was elected office”? A: No. As is the custom, Obama immediately replaced most — not all — of Bush’s politically appointed ambassadors. Obama did not remove any of the career appointees to ambassadorships.

Trump's Ukraine defense collides with facts

President Donald Trump's defense of his actions with Ukraine collides with the known facts and the testimony of witnesses on multiple fronts as the impeachment inquiry moves into a new phase this coming week. In recent days, Trump has cried foul in ways angry and profane as Democrats set the stage for House Judiciary Committee hearings likely to produce articles of impeachment. A review of rhetoric on this and other matters over the past week.