Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump, AG spread untruths on Mueller report

President Donald Trump is still distorting the truth about the Russia investigation , claiming exoneration from a special counsel’s report that he is also assailing as hopelessly biased.

Trump focuses on ‘crimes,’ but impeachment is a political decision

Founders left it to Congress to define ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ scholars say.

Giuliani’s Obstruction Distortions

In an interview about the Mueller report, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, distorted the facts in repeatedly making the case that there was “no obstruction” by Trump.

The Four Pinocchio claim at the center of the census citizenship question

The Trump administration’s move to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census is coming up for oral argument at the Supreme Court on Tuesday. That means the justices could be weighing a Four-Pinocchio claim by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Erik Prince's public claims vs. the Mueller report

Here's a look at some of Prince's claims before his interview with Mueller compared to those he made to Mueller's team.

What Trump associates told the public vs. what they told Mueller

For two years, President Donald Trump and his close associates contradicted, denied and dodged reports and questions of Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign. Now that the Mueller report is out, redacted as it may be, we have the chance to fact-check those public denials against what many people close to the President actually told Mueller when they were questioned by the special counsel. Here are a few notable examples where the Mueller report contradicts public statements made by Trump and some of his associates.

Skewed Trump, Barr claims on Mueller report

President Donald Trump and his attorney general are distorting the facts when it comes to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in the Russia investigation.

Debunking Mueller’s ‘Conflicts’

The Russia report released April 18 contradicts President Donald Trump’s claims that special counsel Robert Mueller had two conflicts of interest that prevented him from conducting an impartial investigation.

What the Mueller Report Says About Obstruction

In the hours after the public release of the redacted report from special counsel Robert S. Mueller, President Donald Trump took to Twitter with a message that reads, in part, “NO OBSTRUCTION!” That’s not at all what the Mueller report says, though.

What the Mueller Report Says About Russian Contacts

After the 2016 election, Vice President-elect Mike Pence was asked if there was “any contact in any way between [Donald] Trump or his associates and the Kremlin or cutouts they had.” Pence answered, “Of course not. Why would there be any contacts between the campaign?” Of course, there were contacts.

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Before the special counsel’s report on Russia and President Trump was released to the public, Attorney General William P. Barr made several statements about what was in its 448 pages. Barr received special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report last month and outlined its principal conclusions in a letter dated March 24. Barr then held a news conference on Thursday, shortly before releasing a redacted version of Mueller’s report. As it turns out, in some cases, Barr’s characterizations were incomplete or misleading. The Mueller report is more damning of Trump than the attorney general indicated.

Did U.S. Reps. Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar Praise the Destruction of Notre Dame?

The newly elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives are frequent targets of partisan misinformation.

What Barr said about releasing the Mueller report

Attorney General William Barr is distorting the facts when it comes to releasing special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in the Russia investigation.

Trump, Barr distorting the facts on Mueller report

President Donald Trump and his attorney general are distorting the facts when it comes to special counsel Robert Mueller's report in the Russia investigation.

Did Barr act improperly when he shared report with POTUS lawyers?

Pence, Buttigieg and the debate over ‘conversion therapy’

It’s a Hoosier rumble!

Did Donald Trump Say ‘Mein Kampf’ Had a ‘Profound Effect’ on Him?

The same internet meme quoted Trump as saying he has 'tremendous respect' for Adolf Hitler.

Did the Obama Transition Team Keep a ‘List of Muslims For Top Jobs’?

It's unclear why a story from the 2016 election cycle was circulating in 2019.

Notre Dame Fire Fuels Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theory

A website cites an erroneous tweet, innuendo and unrelated events to falsely suggest there were “Muslim ties” to the Notre Dame fire.

Jay Inslee’s Green Jobs Claim

n an op-ed and at a town hall, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has claimed that the top two fastest-growing jobs in the United States are in clean energy: solar photovoltaic installers and wind turbine technicians. That’s not the case — at least not yet.