Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Sanders spins savings in Medicare plan

Sen. Bernie Sanders is skimming over the facts in claiming that his "Medicare for all" plan will lead to big reductions in what Americans spend for health care.

Unsupported Claim About Black Lives Matter Is Revived on Facebook

Does a viral claim accusing Black Lives Matter activists of mugging a woman provide any evidence? No, it doesn’t. The claim takes an actual story about a 2016 mugging and adds that unsupported accusation.

President Trump’s new favorite trade talking point falls apart under scrutiny

The president keeps saying the trade deficit declined $52 billion in the second quarter. That's fuzzy math.

Wildfire, water experts rebut Trump’s claims

President Donald Trump is claiming that California’s water policy is shortchanging firefighters of water to battle the state’s raging wildfires. That’s not so, according to wildfire and water experts.

False Stories Revive Claim About Trump Salary Donation

Did President Trump donate his $400,000 salary to military cemeteries? No. A year-old viral email makes that claim. But the president does indeed donate his salary to different government initiatives each quarter.

A Rally Filled with Repeats

President Donald Trump's August speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was packed with familiar factual distortions.

Democrats seize on cherry-picked claim that ‘Medicare-for-all’ would save $2 trillion

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

O'Rourke gets money through PAC, not from it

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has accused Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke of taking money from a political action committee, in violation of O'Rourke's pledge not to take such donations.

Are These ‘I’d Rather Be a Russian Than a Democrat’ Shirts Real?

A photograph of two men wearing "I'd Rather Be a Russian Than a Democrat" t-shirts was taken at a rally for President Trump in Ohio.

Fact-checking Trump's tariff tweet that 'tariffs are working big time'

It's a dubious claim.

Trump falsely claims economy, jobs best ever

President Donald Trump is grossly overstating the extent of U.S. economic and job gains.

Trump's imagined steel mills, Russian 'hoax' & more

President Donald Trump is imagining steel mill openings that aren't happening and in denial about Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump cites sketchy data — and makes it worse by mangling the details

When the president cites record numbers on small-business optimism or manufacturers' confidence, there's less than meets the eye.

‘Mediscare’ attack ad in Ohio special election conjures up nonexistent ‘plan’ to cut spending

A super PAC accused Democrat Danny O'Connor of wanting to cut Medicare by $800 billion. Not so.

Did President Donald Trump Donate His Entire $400,000 Salary to Rebuild Military Cemeteries?

Prominent conservative commentators boosted a false, mathematically impossible rumor about the president's salary donations, taking aim at the news media along the way.

Did a ‘White Cop Who Says He Was Taunted for Being Part Black' Receive a $65,000 Settlement?

So crazy it just might work.

Did Barack Obama Mock President Trump’s ‘IDs for Groceries’ Speech on Twitter?

A seeming tweet circulated online was designed to mimic the former president's social media account.

Tall tales from the trail

President Donald Trump's raucous and freewheeling campaign rallies are fertile ground for misinformation. He held two of them this week, and he's got another in Ohio on Saturday. And he's not the only one out there pushing false narratives.

Bogus Claim About LGBT History Lessons

Is California forcing schools to show kids "gay sex'" No. California law requires the state’s history curriculum to include “the role and contributions of” LGBT people.

Trump’s Inaccurate Claims About Highways, Immigration and Beyoncé From a Pennsylvania Rally

President Trump said his campaign rallies drew larger crowds than concerts for Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen. That was one of 15 inaccurate claims he made.