Articles from September, 2010

Fact-checking Alan Grayson's 'Taliban Dan Webster' ad

Alan Grayson, the pull-no-punches Democrat from Central Florida, has launched a stinging new ad equating his Republican opponent's views to those of the Taliban. PolitiFact Florida takes a look at two of the claims.

Charlie Crist went to Disney World! Now who paid for it?

Charlie Crist and former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer took their families to Disney World in 2009. Republican donors paid more than $11,000 for the weekend getaway. But did they help pick up Crist's tab?

PolitiFact Florida exclusive: Rick Scott wouldn't be Florida's first bald governor

John Thrasher said this weekend that, if elected, Rick Scott would be Florida's first bald governor. PolitiFact Florida dropped everything to analyze this critically important detail.

Are Charlie's poll numbers hitting the skids?

A top Democratic operative says in a blog post that Charlie Crist can't win his independent campaign for the U.S. Senate because his personal poll numbers are plummeting.