Articles from July, 2012

PolitiFact Florida Mailbag: 'You are shills for this vicious fascist governor'

Readers weigh in on our latest fact-checks.

Fact-checking the Republican primary

We look at several races where members of the GOP are competing against each other.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez sticks to key promises in second budget

We scour the budget to see if Gimenez is keeping his campaign promises.

Fact-checking Jeff Brandes vs. Jim Frishe in the state Senate GOP primary

Third-party groups unleash dueling attacks.

Will Barack Obama be outraised by Mitt Romney?

Counting the dollars is no easy task, and November’s a long way off.

TV ad claims it has 'the facts' on Bill Nelson, then unrolls falsehoods

We look into an ad from American Commitment attacking U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

Liberal group gets its facts wrong with attacks on Gov. Rick Scott

In a fund-raising email, MoveOn said Scott "tried to kick 180,000 people off the voter rolls" and "every one" of the supervisors of election resisted him. Both claims are wrong.

Fact-checking Rick Scott on the health care law

The governor reacts to the recent Supreme Court ruling on health care, but he doesn't have his facts right.