Articles from June, 2012

One year in, the Carlos-O-Meter rates Mayor Gimenez’s promises

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has delivered on his key campaign promises as he faces re-election.

Fact-checking Florida on health care

With today's ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, we review the best of our fact-checks on health care. Warning: Whoppers ahead!

Checking the Scott-O-Meter on immigration

Gov. Rick Scott has backed off two campaign promises for stricter enforcement on illegal immigration.

Fact-checking George LeMieux

LeMieux drops out of the race and endorses rival Connie Mack. We look back at our fact-checks of LeMieux’s campaign.

Bill Nelson, health care and "the deciding vote"

We look at a TV ad claiming Nelson was "the deciding vote" for the health care law. 

PolitiFact: Double dipping in the local sheriff's race

Former Pinellas sheriff Everett Rice is having to defend claims that he would become a double dipper.

Checking Florida voting claims

Recent attempts by Florida’s Republican leaders to eliminate election fraud have generated legal action, lots of disapproval from Democrats and lots of fact-check fodder.