Articles from March, 2013

At the midpoint: Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's campaign promises

We use the Buck-O-Meter to check in on Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's campaign promises

What is stopping a cure for Alzheimer's disease?

A recent fact-check rounded up scientific opinion on why researchers still struggle to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Fact-checking Florida at CPAC

What did Florida's conservatives have to say at their annual gathering? We check the facts.

Florida goes to CPAC

It’s the regular gathering of conservatives from around the country. Florida will be well represented, and we’ll be checking the facts.

PolitiFact Florida Mailbag: 'True or false ... It is not complicated'

Readers and others sound off on our latest fact-checks.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz vs. Jeb Bush on immigration

We look at two high-profile Floridians and their recent comments on immigration.

Fact-checking Gov. Rick Scott's 'State of the State'

We turn on the Truth-O-Meter for Scott's speech and 'pre-buttals' from the Democrats.

PolitiFact Florida presents: Legislature 101

How can you tell when a bill is dead? How many lobbyists are there? What's the one piece of legislation that must pass?

Tracking the top 2013 legislative issues

What will happen in Tallahassee this legislative session? Here's the low-down on the issues we're tracking.