Articles from May, 2013

In context: Rick Scott's comments on Republicans and jobs

To Democratic ears, Gov. Rick Scott's remarks from a GOP dinner sound a lot like Mitt Romney's '47 percent' comment last year in Boca Raton. Read both remarks and decide for yourself.

Fact-checking Rick Scott's table setting

We've fact-checked several talking points included in a campaign-style flier from the governor's office that greeted Florida Council of 100 members at a recent dinner.

Fact-checking House Speaker Will Weatherford

The Republican from Pasco County was everywhere during the legislative session. We checked out his talking points.

Fact-checking more claims about the sequester

Broad-based cuts to the federal budget are starting to have an impact on states and cities. We look at our latest round of fact-checks on the cuts known as sequestration.

PolitiFact Florida wins Green Eyeshade Award for online politics reporting

The winning entry included fact-checks of the 2012 U.S. Senate race and Florida's state government.

Is a new study of Medicaid a game changer?

Opponents of expanding Medicaid have questioned whether the insurance program for the poor actually works. Here, we look at a new landmark study on health outcomes for people on Medicaid. The results were surprising.

PolitiFact Florida tackles claims about Miami Dolphins stadium

The Miami Dolphins are asking for public help to finance a major stadium renovation. We check the facts.