Articles from October, 2013

Was Rubio 'never ... in favor of shutting down the government'?

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., says he never wanted to shut down the government and voted to keep the government funded. But his public comments and Senate votes undercut that claim.

Fact-checking attacks on Common Core school standards

We look at alarming claims about Common Core, school standards that are being adopted by more than 40 states. Some of the attacks received a failing grade.

Bill Foster and Rick Kriseman clash over St. Petersburg economy

We fact-checked statements from each candidate during the Oct. 15 mayoral forum hosted by the Tampa Bay Times and Bay News 9.

Pasco House race mailers stretch truth to attack opponents

The campaign to succed Mike Fasano in the Florida House of Representatives takes a deceptive turn thanks to a couple of campaign mailers. 

Mailbag: 'Discontinue this farce'

Readers disliked our takes on Charlie Crist's synopsis of the 2012 voter purge and Broward County Libertarians trumpeting their party as the nation's third-largest.

PolitiFact primer: The politics of pot

Is medical marijuana on its way to Florida? A group is working to collect more than 700,000 petitions to add a question to next year's ballot. Their hope: to amend the state Constitution to allow the use of medicinal marijuana. PolitiFact Florida is following the campaign and looked into claims that marijuana is not addictive and that it's less toxic than alcohol.

On far-right promises, Rick Scott tacks to the center

In 2010, Rick Scott promised to ban embryonic stem cell research, pass a tough immigration law and explore offshore oil drilling. Three years later, that conservative talk is gone.

Top claims about the federal government shutdown

Just days into the federal government shutdown, we’ve already heard some distortions -- and some truths.