Articles from May, 2014

Dissecting the Republican theme ‘Crist crash, Scott surge’ in the governor’s race

Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign blames opponent former Gov. Charlie Crist for the economic crash and credits Scott for the surge. Economists say the full story is more complex.

Attacks and claims about climate change heat up the Truth-O-Meter

As new studies shined a spotlight on rising sea levels and global warming, Sen. Marco Rubio and other politicians and pundits made several statements we fact-checked

Revisiting Rick Kriseman's pier promises

St. Petersburg's new mayor made a lot of promises about the future of the city's iconic pier, which remains closed after residents voted to reject its chosen replacement. Some time has elapsed since then, so we decided to look into three vows he made and see how they rate on our Krise-O-Meter.