Promise Broken rulings on the Carlos-O-Meter

Conduct an independent audit of the Transit Department

"As Mayor, I will ensure that Metrorail, Metromover and Metrobus continue to provide clean, safe, uninterrupted and cost-effective service to the hundreds of thousands of riders who rely on them every day – for work, for school or to just get around town – by: Conducting a full independent external audit of the department to determine exactly where waste, inefficiencies and duplication exist, and implement reforms and strict standards of accountability."

Support initiative to reduce the county commission from 13 members to nine, and create two at-large districts

Revamp the county commission by reducing the number of commissioners from 13 to nine ... and preserve political diversity by creating seven district county commissioner and two at-large commissioners.

Create a Miami-Dade County Illegal Gambling Task Force

"Today I am renewing my call for the creation of a Miami-Dade County Illegal Gambling Task Force to work with local, state and federal law enforcement to address the proliferation of illegal gambling machines. These illicit slot-style machines are affecting our quality of life throughout the county; negatively impacting small, family-owned businesses; and stealing millions of dollars from our neediest residents. Most ominously, they are typically associated with organized crime."

Require lobbying disclosures and create restrictions on lobbying county government

Avoid conflicts in interests in county lobbying activities by requiring public disclosures related to lobbying activities and prohibiting any person or entity who lobbies on the county's behalf from lobbying county government on behalf of others during such county representation.