Promises about Public Safety on Krise-O-Meter

Re-establish a community policing philosophy

"As mayor, I will ... reestablish a community policing philosophy that emphasizes the relationship between the police officer and the neighborhood in an effort to promote trust and cooperation."

Tighten high-speed pursuit policy

"As mayor, I will tighten our high-speed pursuit policy."

Implement StPeteStat

"As mayor, I will implement StPeteStat, based on the CitiStat model of statistics-driven accountability standards. Building on the city’s current Scorecard measures, StPeteStat will consist of regular meetings, during which my staff and I will meet with department heads to examine and analyze past performance, future performance objectives, and overall performance strategies."

Utilize red-light cameras at most dangerous intersections for safety, not revenue

Q: Name three policies pushed by Mayor Bill Foster during his administration that you support and would advocate continuing. Name three others that you would want to change. A: "I will utilize red light cameras at the most dangerous intersections for the purposes of public safety, not revenue."

Hire an administrator to oversee Midtown issues

Rick Kriseman said he would hire an administrator to deal with Midtown, a position that had not been filled since the 2011 firing of former deputy mayor and police chief Goliath Davis.