Richard Danielson

Richard Danielson is a staff writer with the Tampa Bay Times, formerly the St. Petersburg Times.

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Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn kept most campaign promises

Analyzing the state of Buckhorn's 34 campaign promises as the end of his four-year term approaches.

At the midpoint: Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's campaign promises

We use the Buck-O-Meter to check in on Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's campaign promises

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn: His campaign promises at the 1-year mark

We crank up the Buck-O-Meter to see how Bob Buckhorn is doing at keeping his campaign promises now that he's been mayor of Tampa for one year. 

How's Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn doing on the Buck-O-Meter?

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Mayor Bob Buckhorn's $765.4M budget delivers two Promises Kept

Mayor Bob Buckhorn looks at the $765.4 million Tampa budget and sees no tax increase, no layoffs and no gaping holes. The Buck-O-Meter looks at the budget and sees two Promises Kept.

Introducing the Buck-O-Meter

The Buck-O-Meter will track new Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s performance on each of his campaign promises — we’ve identified 33 so far.