Articles from June, 2011

Presidential politics keeps Truth-O-Meter busy

Presidential campaign politics put the Truth-O-Meter on overdrive. Two of Georgia’s sons are angling for the 2012 Republican nomination for president, and they  gave us plenty of fodder last week. We took on statements by former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich on government waste and right-to-work states, and former radio host and Godfather’s  Pizza CEO Herman Cain on Islamic law. We also marked a milestone. The Deal-O-Meter handed Gov. Nathan Deal his first "Promise Broken." Deal accepted a perk from Delta airline, which broke his policy on accepting gifts. Hit the "like" button on our Facebook page to comment on our rulings. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Gingrich repeats Half True "food stamp" claim

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich keeps on calling President Barack Obama the "food stamp president." Never mind that the Truth-O-Meter rated this label Half True in May.

Fact checking Newt Gingrich's speech at the Atlanta Press Club

PolitiFact Georgia kept our Truth-O-Meter handy for Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s appearance at the Atlanta Press Club Wednesday. It served us well. The former U.S. House speaker made claims during the breakfast talk that the Truth-O-Meter previously checked.

Kingston re-uses Barely True talking point

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston of Savannah recently dusted off an old talking point to argue for cuts to the Food and Drug Administration's budget. Unfortunately for him, that talking point nearly flunked the Truth-O-Meter test back in January. Opponents think the cuts Kingston supports will set back a historic tightening of food safety rules, said a Washington Post article published Thursday. Kingston argued that federal budget cuts are necessary, but the safety rules are not.

Truth-O-Meter's business is business

From the pizza trade to sports management, the Truth-O-Meter was up to all sorts of business last week. We began with a fact check on the corporate track record of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain at Godfather’s Pizza. We followed with checks on wages in Georgia’s agriculture business and economic recovery data. To wrap up the workweek, we covered crime and the business of football. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, welcome to the Truth-O-Meter.  Want to comment on our findings? Hit the "like" button on our Facebook page to join the discussion. You can also follow us on Twitter.

With truth scarce, pants burn

The truth was scarce in Georgia politics last week. PolitiFact Georgia’s scribes struggled to find scraps of truth in statements on the reapportionment process, Gwinnett schools, Muslims in a potential Cabinet for presidential candidate Herman Cain, and trauma centers. But it was nearly for naught. We gave three Barely Trues and one Pants on Fire. It was the second time Cain’s britches have burned since he began hinting at his presidential ambitions. Want to comment on our findings? Hit the "like" button on our Facebook page to join the discussion. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Break out the bubbly. Despite the best efforts of politicians, PolitiFact Georgia has made it to its first birthday. The Truth-O-Meter had a colorful inaugural year. We covered 2010 midterm election high jinks, the struggling economy, the Georgia immigration debate and even a claim about zombies at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Political luminaries such as former Gov. Roy Barnes registered their discontent publicly. You were kind enough to read our work- - especially on zombies and presidential candidate Herman Cain, according to our top five list of fact checks by Web page views: 1. The Walking Dead: In the case of a catastrophic event, the Atlanta-area offices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will self-destruct. Dec. 5, 2010 2.  NFL Players Association: A National Football League lockout would cost Atlanta $160 million in lost jobs and revenue. Nov. 22, 2010 3. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: "Very, very, very few people get a pat-down" when they go through airport security, May 7, 2011 4. Herman Cain: In the U.S. Constitution, "there’s a little section in there that talks about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." May 21, 2011 5. Herman Cain: Said Planned Parenthood’s early objective was to "help kill black babies before they came into the world." March 15, 2011 And now, to celebrate, here’s a sampling of a few of our more memorable fact-checks.  Want to comment on our findings? Hit the "like" button on our Facebook page to join the discussion. You can also follow us on Twitter.