Articles from February, 2012

Fact-checking the new pro-Mitt Romney ad

The GOP presidential primary campaign may still be in mid-season, but at least one campaign TV ad is already in reruns. Restore our Future, a pro-Mitt Romney super PAC, is slated to air a commercial in Georgia beginning Thursday that, save for a few visuals, is identical to one that ran during the former Massachusetts governor’s failed 2008 presidential campaign.   It’s also similar to a viral Internet story that PolitiFact National checked Jan. 30. Both television ads feature former business partner Robert Gay crediting Romney with helping reunite Gay with his daughter after she went missing. "Mitt’s done a lot of things that people say are nearly impossible," Gay says in both ads. "But for me, the most important thing he’s ever done is to help save my daughter." Did Mitt "help save" Gay’s daughter?

Checking pro-Romney group's new campaign ad

You’ve heard the bashing. Now see the commercial. On Wednesday, Pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future was slated to unveil ads in Georgia arguing that rival Newt Gingrich is too risky a pick for GOP presidential nominee.  Primary day is March 6. We’ve seen it, and it has all the hallmarks of your typical attack ad. Unflattering images, menacing music, and dire claims. Claims that PolitiFact National and other fact-checking outlets happen to have vetted.  

Checking Romney's campaign speech in Atlanta

Super Tuesday is only one month away, which means it’s showtime in Georgia for the GOP’s presidential candidates. GOP candidate Mitt Romney stumped at a small Atlanta business Wednesday to persuade Georgians to choose him in the March 6 primary. PolitiFact Georgia was there, too. And we happened to bring our Truth-O-Meter.