Articles from March, 2013

As the Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage cases, here's a primer

The Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 are under fire from supporters of marriage equality. This week, the Supreme Court will hear both cases.

A $1 billion deal

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank announced recently they’ve agreed to the financial framework of a $1 billion stadium to replace the 20-year-old Georgia Dome. The deal must still be approved by the 15-member Atlanta City Council.  

Fact-checking Rand Paul's fillibuster on drones

The 13-hour filibuster by the Kentucky senator and his allies focused attention on the Obama administration's policies on drone strikes. We check the facts.

Sequestration is here; we sort the facts

After Congress and the president couldn't work out a deal last week, automatic federal spending cuts were set to take effect on Friday. Before the sequestration deadline hit claims flew about what would happen when the bomb dropped. Now that the time has come, the claims have continued to roll in. PolitiFact examines some of them and sorts the facts.