Articles from May, 2013

As the IRS sits in the hot seat, we check tax facts

We looked at two claims -- one by a Republican lawmaker, one by a Democratic lawmaker -- that go to the heart of whether the IRS is too fearsome, or not doing enough

Fact-checking claims about the attacks in Benghazi

The deaths of four Americans at a diplomatic outpost in Libya have fueled a war of words between Republicans in Congress and President Barack Obama. We compare the rhetoric with the facts.

The article: PolitiFact expands to Australia

The Truth-O-Meter is now down under. The launch of PolitiFact Australia marks our first international venture and a big step for the global fact-checking movement.

The Senate takes up immigration

Senators begin marking up proposed immigration legislation. We cut through what's true and what's not in the debate.

Fact-checking President Obama's press conference

President Obama spoke with reporters on the 100-day mark for his second term. We checked the facts.