Truth-O-Meter tackles national topics in New Jersey: gay marriage, health care

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Gov. Chris Christie said he and President Barack Obama have the same position on gay marriage during this Feb. 23 interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

New Jersey politics hit the national stage this weekend, with the Truth-O-Meter ruling on claims about marriage equality and the potential effects of the new federal healthcare law.

In case you missed it, Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday got a Half True for his claim about same-sex marriage while state Sen. Joe Kyrillos got a Pants on Fire on Monday for his claim about the federal healthcare plan.

Christie claim

The governor said during a Feb. 23 appearance on MSNBC’s  "Morning Joe" program that he and President Barack Obama share the same views on same-sex marriage .The governor and the president both support civil unions and oppose discriminating against same-sex couples, but that’s it. Christie, who opposes same-sex marriage, supports a public referendum in New Jersey on same-sex marriage. Obama opposes referenda on the topic. Obama in 2008, before his election as president, said marriage is a union between one man and one woman. Since then, however, he has said is viewpoint on gay marriage is "evolving," and has not said publicly whether he supports  it.

Kyrillos claim

The Republican state senator, who is challenging U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, claimed the new federal healthcare law will eliminate the doctor-patient relationship. Kyrillos’ spokesman cited a survey of physicians on potential effects of the law (more than half of the approximate 5,000 doctors surveyed said health care reform would negatively affect their relationship with patients), as well as on Medicare costs. The Truth-O-Meter found that provisions in the health care law allow changes to payments to health care providers and influence what’s covered by certain insurance plans, but nothing prevents doctors and patients from making health care decisions together.

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