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Chris Christie's "Comeback" scorecard

Has a "Jersey comeback" really begun? Gov. Chris Christie says he won't utter those words in his keynote address,  but the governor will nonetheless tout his record in the state, including his stewardship of the economy. Here's a scorecard with just the facts.

Truth-O-Meter checks claims about tax cuts for millionaires, number of gun deaths in U.S.

New ad from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee targets Jon Runyan, other House GOP members; Sen. Frank Lautenberg compares deaths by gunfire in US to those on Middle Eastern battlefields

Truth-O-Meter rates claims from both political parties Mostly False

Attack claims from Democrats, Republicans against opposing party are less than accurate.

Truth-O-Meter tackles national topics in New Jersey: gay marriage, health care

Gay marriage claims rates Half True, healthcare claim gets Pants on Fire.