Tracking the promises of Gov. Roy Cooper

Allow online voter registration

"As Governor, I will fight to allow for online voter registration."

Fully repeal HB2

"I will work to repeal HB2 and restore the worker protections that were taken away by Governor McCrory."

Bring teacher pay to the national average

"As governor, I will value teachers by working in a bipartisan manner to strive to raise teacher pay to at least the national average."

Restore the child care tax credit

"I will use a portion of any future gains in state revenue to reinstate the childcare tax credit for working families."

Bring back jobs lost by HB2

"As governor, I will work to bring back those jobs lost because of HB2."

Expand Medicaid

"One of the first things I will tackle as governor is accepting Medicaid expansion."

Create a micro-loan program

"As governor, I will seek up to one million dollars in private investment to seed a collateral support micro-loan program."

More parental leave for school activities

"I will work to increase the amount of hours of unpaid leave for parents, and at a minimum, to expand the current allowance to make it four hours per child."

Apprenticeship programs for high school students

"I will increase the number of apprenticeship programs in high-need industry areas, like construction trades and advanced manufacturing."

Create mentoring program for business owners

"I will work to create a statewide mentorship program to support small businesses."

Reform the state lottery

"Over the years the lottery funds have been diverted away from the original educational purpose. ... I’ll work to reform lottery spending and maximize our education dollars by putting a stop to legislators raiding lottery proceeds."

Create a non-partisan redistricting commission

"I will work to ... create a non-partisan Redistricting Commission to make voting districts fair and competitive."

Raise education spending without raising taxes

"We are 44th in per-student spending in North Carolina. That is unacceptable. We have to do much more. ... Yes, absolutely we can do it without raising taxes."

Expand high school work training programs

"As governor, I will expand access to certifications and credential programs in partnership with our community colleges."

Prevent cuts to education funding

"As governor, I will protect (public education) from being further undermined by politicians in Raleigh wanting to dismantle it."

Tuition-free community college

"I will put together a team of education partners and budgetary advisors to design a proposal for North Carolina to offer free tuition for community college."

Expand Pre-K

"I will work to increase funding for Smart Start and NC Pre-K, with a sustainable plan that gives priority to serving more at-risk children."

Pay teachers based on education level

"I will value teachers by a teacher pay policy that rewards experience and education that leads to improved student outcomes."

Reduce the cost of college

"I will reduce the cost of college to make it more accessible by increasing state investment in education and helping student loan borrowers pay off their loans."

State assistance for student loan borrowers

"I will call for establishing a state loan refinancing authority. This will allow North Carolina to lower monthly loan repayments for thousands of (student) borrowers"