Articles from October, 2010

Candidates across Ohio show no signs of letting up on each other

With just over a week to go before Election Day, candidates in key races across Ohio are showing no signs of letting up on each other. Recent polls have the governor"s race as a tossup. Several of the other statewide races remain close. And some key congressional races could play a big role in determining which party controls the House of Representatives in January. As candidates, and their surrogates, slug it out on the airwaves and in campaign mailings, truth sometimes is becoming a casualty.

Groups stretching the truth to get your vote

With millions of ad dollars flowing into Ohio from outside groups — groups that do not coordinate their spending with the candidates, or at least may not legally — the claims are flying like wild pitches. PolitiFact Ohio and others are increasingly blowing the referee's whistle on the distortions. Yet the sponsors of the ads continue unabated, convinced, apparently, that the truth, or the whole truth, doesn't win elections.