Articles from July, 2011

Tweaking the meter: Barely True is now Mostly False

After an overwhelming response from readers, we're changing the Truth-O-Meter. Barely True will now be called Mostly False.

PolitiFact Ohio celebrates a year of the Truth-O-Meter

We're celebrating one year of PolitiFact Ohio. We launched July 25, 2010. Since then we've posted Truth-O-Meter ratings on more 200 statements, including some surprising truths and some real whoppers.    

Barely True, Mostly False: Our readers speak out

When we asked for reader opinion about whether to change our Barely True rating to Mostly False, the floodgates opened. And the comments went heavily in one direction.

Should Barely True be changed to Mostly False?

We are considering changing our rating system. We'd like to hear your thoughts on whether we should change Barely True to Mostly False.

PolitiFact app now available for iPhone

Can't get enough of PolitiFact? Are you hesitant to leave your computer, fearing that you might miss our next Pants on Fire? Well, PolitiFact has gone mobile, so you can rest easy. We've released the PolitiFact app for iPhone and other smartphones and tablets. It's a mobile version of our Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism. The app combines the Truth-O-Meter, the Obameter and other popular features of our national website with new ones only available on the app.