In the Works rulings on the Kasich-O-Meter

Phase out Ohio's personal income tax

"Phase out the income tax. It's punishing on individuals. It's punishing on small business. To phase that out, it cannot be done in a day, but it's absolutely essential that we improve the tax environment in this state so that we no longer are an obstacle for people to locate here and that we can create a reason for people to stay here."

Improve job retraining programs

“We have to train ourselves for the jobs that are going to come. Because we’re not just going to be stuck here in manufacturing, and we’ll do manufacturing as best as we can, but we also have to be involved in bio technology and computer information technology. We’ve got to retrain Ohioans and we need a whole new system to do that.”

Shrink state government and make it more efficient

Says he will "skinny-down state bureaucracy to ensure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth, and reform state government into a 21st century partner with Ohio's job creators – not one that punishes business with outdated or unnecessary regulation."

Streamline state regulations

Said state regulations are too cumbersome and need to be simplified. "Our regulation policy is not very good either. Our policy is cumbersome. It takes longer (to get things done) than in other states. Regulations tend to go above and beyond." ... "When you go into a small business and you hassle them and impose rules that don't make any sense, you're not hassling the business. You're killing somebody's job. So our regulatory system has been out of date."

Promote cooperation among colleges, universities and major institutions

Said he can bring Ohio colleges and universities together to share resources, entice major institutions to collaborate and force Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly to tackle tough issues.

Raise education standards

"Raise (education) standards for everybody. We should bring the curriculum in line with international norms. We're not competing with Indiana. We're competing with India."

Teacher pay based on performance

"We pay good teachers more, but I'm going to suggest that we hold all teachers accountable. Teachers who can't teach shouldn't be in the classroom. ... If we've got teachers who can't do the job there's no excuse for leaving them in the classroom. But the good ones — we'll pay them more."

Oppose restrictions on gun rights

"I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Everybody has the right to keep and bear arms to either protect your family, protect yourselves, to be a hunter. The 2nd amendment is part of that Constitution. It's something I believe in. And, we're going to stand firm, very firm, for 2nd Amendment rights here in the state of Ohio."

Eliminate prevailing wage rules on public construction projects

"I've never been for prevailing wage because it drives up the cost"