Promise Kept rulings on the Kitz-O-Meter

Block oil drilling off Oregon coast

Will not "let people drill for oil off the Oregon coast."

Cut social services

"We will reduce the number of services we provide, reduce the number of individuals who get services, reduce what we pay people (like doctors and the hospitals who are providing the services) and change the way services are provide."

Require cost-benefit reports for every state program

Will require cost-benefit reports of every state program every year, the first would be due within 45 days of the election.

Establish Early Childhood Coordinating Council

Will "establish an Early Childhood Coordinating Council in the Governor’s Office. The Council would lead the way to align efforts, measure progress and ensure accountability, ensure efficiency in resources and maximize federal dollars for these efforts."

Eliminate redundant standardized tests

Will restore "instructional time by eliminating redundant high-stakes standardized testing."

Guarantee transfer credit between higher ed institutions

Will guarantee "transfer of credit among all Oregon public colleges and universities."

Develop plan for energy and climate change

"We need a strategic climate and energy road map that lays out the practical steps to meet and implement that goal, and benchmarks against which to systematically and frequently measure our progress. During the course of my campaign, I will lay the groundwork for a strategic plan that integrates the state emission reduction goal, the Renewable Energy Standard, aggressive conservation and energy efficiency strategies, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the Renewable Fuel Standard into a comprehensive state Energy and Climate Strategic Plan."

Would support increase in cigarette tax if one were to pass legislature

Will "support an increase in the cigarette tax" if it is proposed and passes through the legislature.

Keep OLCC as public entity

"Will keep current tax structure of the OLCC."

Veto any tax increases to balance 2011-2013 budget

Will veto tax increases if Legislature seeks them to balance 2011-2013 budget

Create "energy savings bonds" to invest in public schools and colleges

Will "immediately create low-interest 'energy savings bonds' to jump-start big improvements in Oregon's public colleges and K-12 public schools."

Use new health care law to create delivery model

Will "think about in the next couple years ... how we would set up a large demonstration project in Oregon that fundamentally shifts the way health care is organized and delivered ... and ask for a broad waiver from the federal government to give us permission to actually do that."

Create 10-year budget plan

Will create a 10-year budget plan to offer clearer sense of state's priorities.