Stalled rulings on the Kitz-O-Meter

Attract more federal transit funds

Will "work with our Congressional delegation to attract more funds federally for investing in different transit options that best fit a community and working with business creatively to provide workers more flexibility to reduce their driving, work from home or adopt flex time to address congestion problems and enhance our quality of life.

Establish national laboratory in Oregon

"I will pursue, along with our congressional delegation, the establishment of a National Laboratory in Oregon."

Reform ballot measure process

Will "reform Oregon’s ballot measure process to ensure that voters are more aware of the long-term budgetary impacts of proposed measures."

Reform Oregon's kicker law

Will "reform Oregon’s kicker law (which refunds state surpluses in excess of 2 percent of projected revenues to taxpayers). Before money goes back to taxpayers, it should first fill a reserve fund that will protect Oregonians from service cuts or tax increases during recessions. This is the most immediate way to ensure stable funding for education and other programs in the face of cyclical tax revenues."

Push capital gains tax break

Will push capital gains break through the 2011 session.