Says she is co-owner of Celilo Group Media.

Eileen Brady on Monday, April 30th, 2012 in a debate

Is Eileen Brady co-owner of Celilo Group Media?

In this election, Eileen Brady has been tested up and down on claims that she helped found the popular New Seasons market chain way back when. We’re not touching that here. Instead, we turn to another ownership claim by Brady.

In last week’s televised mayoral debate, she was introduced as board chair and co-owner of Celilo Group Media. The company publishes and distributes coupon books, including the popular Chinook Book.

Company president Nik Blosser said that he doesn’t use the co-owner term. But he confirmed that Brady is the third largest individual who is a shareholder in the company. He and co-founder Tom Koehler invited Brady to join their board nearly a decade ago, and she has been chairwoman since.

"So she has and has had a key leadership role in the company, and she's an investor herself," Blosser said.

Who are we to argue with that? Brady’s claim is accurate. We rule the statement True.