Colin Deppen is a reporter/curator at The Incline in Pittsburgh and has previously worked for news organizations across the state of Pennsylvania, including the Patriot-News and in Harrisburg. 

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Is the death penalty a deterrent? No one knows for sure

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Examining Conor Lamb's corporate PAC claim

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Are Pennsylvania Democrats fleeing the party to become Republicans?

Republicans are telling Pennsylvania Democrats to #WalkAway from their party. Are the Democrats listening?

Does Conor Lamb support mice more than Medicare?

Rep. Keith Rothfus says Conor Lamb supported funding for a threatened species of field mouse while also supporting cuts to the Medicare program. Is that true? 

Fact checking Pa. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's Facebook meltdown

After a Democratic colleague filed a complaint against Republican State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, saying a recent encounter left the Democrat fearful for his safety, Metcalfe responded with a scorched-earth Facebook post targeting his accuser and a handful of other Democrats in Pennsylvania's House of Representatives. Here we take a closer look at Metcalfe's incendiary post and fact check his specific claims about some of his colleagues.