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20 attacks in the Ron Johnson-Russ Feingold U.S. Senate race, rated

Cordiality has been in relatively short supply in this election rematch.

Miscellaneous claims in the Scott Walker-Mary Burke race

For the past week we've taken a look, by topic, at some of the major claims that have been made in the camapign for governor. We conclude with a roundup of claims made by and about Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger, Mary Burke, that don't fit neatly into a category.

New Koch ad uses Louisiana veteran's health care experience against Mary Landrieu

The latest testimonial ad from Americans for Prosperity is airing in Louisiana and features a former Marine Corps Reserve who says his service helped him get a health plan that Obamacare canceled. But is that the whole story?

Does an Americans for Prosperity ad about a woman with lupus tell the whole story?

We explore the issues raised by a recent political ad that features one person talking to a camera about the health care law.

Ad Watch: Will Obamacare raise your health insurance premiums?

Despite projections that Obamacare will reduce most premiums -- and predictions to the contrary -- the law is very complicated and the result will vary depending on what type of health insurance you have.

Ad Watch: Crafty splice tags Obama with a promise

An Americans for Prosperity ad shows President Barack Obama promising to cut the national deficit during his first term and saying, "If I don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition." Did President Obama really give himself a three-year deadline to accomplish that goal?

Americans for Prosperity's traffic light claim

Is stimulus money paying for traffic lights on Chinese streets? That's a claim made by Americans for Prosperity in a TV ad running in Ohio and seven other states. The ad blames President Barack Obama for sending stimulus money overseas while Americans are out of work. The claim about traffic lights is the third one we've checked out.    

Line by line: How an ad uses sleight-of-hand to distort facts on stimulus

An ad from Americans for Prosperity is a case study in how to weave falsehoods, exaggerations and the occasional fact. We take a closer look.

Americans for Prosperity cites stimulus for Finland

Is your tax money paying for jobs in Finland? That's one of the claims in an ad Americans for Prosperity is airing in eight states, including Ohio. The ad takes aim at President Barack Obama, claiming that stimulus money was sent overseas while Americans are out of work. The claim about Finland is the second one we've checked out.

Checking the claims from Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity takes aim at President Barack Obama in a ad running in Ohio and seven other states, claiming that stimulus money was sent overseas while Americans are out of work. "Tell President Obama, American tax dollars should help American taxpayers," the narrator says. Instead, $2.3 billion in tax credits funded jobs in Mexico, Finland and China, the ad claims. We checked it out the so-called funding for jobs in Mexico and found the claim somewhat incendiary.

Fact-checking Solyndra

The company's unique solar cells once attracted private investors. Now taxpayers could lose millions. We check the facts.