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Readers chew over ruling on Clinton's vegan diet

A number of readers stood up for crustaceans and other creatures, saying our ruling on a claim by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals didn't pay them enough heed.

Fact-checking Bill Clinton on ABC's 'This Week'

We put the former president's statements through the Truth-O-Meter. 

It's not the Clinton you think

"Clinton pastor" convicted of child sex abuse, says a newspaper Web site and a posting on an Obama campaign blog. It's a recipe for outrage.

Bill's Bosnia blunder

In defending his wife's mistakes about sniper fire in Bosnia, Bill Clinton makes a few of his own.

President Clinton again on attack

Former President Bill Clinton claims Sen. Barack Obama "said one thing and did another" by accepting lobbyist money.

When presidents play politics

Bill Clinton inaccurately defends his own statements from the campaign trail, while George W. Bush takes a questionable shot at Barack Obama.

He said, she said

The Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach featured sharp comments by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. We found Clinton continued to distort Obama's comments about Ronald Reagan, while other claims were closer to the truth.

The "Fairy Tale" Fracas

A Clinton attack on Barack Obama's Iraq record turns into a campaign brawl. We look at what's a fairy tale and what's not.