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'Obama phones'? No, they've been around for years

The latest Internet rumor is that President Obama is giving out free phones to people on welfare.

Chiropractor ditches patient over chain e-mail

When facts are in dispute, sparks fly.

E-mail 'analysis' of health bill needs a check-up

Readers sent us a chain e-mail that comments on the House health reform bill page by page. Most of its factual assertions are wrong.

Break out the marshmallows!

It's double Pants on Fire! day at We check a chain e-mail on illegal immigrants and comments from TV and radio personality Glenn Beck.

Obama's birth certificate: Final chapter. This time we mean it!

We address continued Internet speculation on the document.

Chain e-mail sings familiar tune with new chorus

A new chain e-mail makes the familiar (false) claim that Obama is a Muslim, with a new (false) twist that he's flying "Hamas refugees" to the United States — and a senator takes it seriously.

E-mail distorts Daschle comment on seniors

By simply moving a quotation mark, a chain e-mail distorts a comment from the former senator.

Mad Money: The AIG edition

Members of Congress are outraged over bonuses for AIG. We check their facts.

Chain e-mails are back — and they're still wrong

Get ready to hit the Delete key. Chain e-mails are making a resurgence and landing in your inbox. We check two of them and find they're Pants on Fire wrong.

Talking hope, on the 50-yard line

In a Denver football stadium, Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. We check his facts.

Return of the tax attack chain e-mail!

Just in time for summer, anonymous e-mailers send out a new twist on an old favorite: Barack Obama will raise your taxes! We find numerous inaccuracies.

PolitiFact's greatest hits

Our Top 10 Truth-O-Meter rulings cover the Pledge of Allegiance, military shrinkage and crime linkage. We also examine whether God has a position on the Iowa caucuses.

Obama targeted in chain e-mail

A chain e-mail says Barack Obama is unpatriotic because he "refused" to say the Pledge of Allegiance and did not put his hand over his heart. But it relies on a photo taken during the national anthem, not the pledge.

Mud in your inbox

A Special Report: Chain e-mails spread rumors about candidates at warp speed. But they often distort the truth, as we found with one that falsely claims Hillary Clinton refused to meet with the Gold Star Mothers.