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Has the GOP already broken its promise on spending?

The parties are jockeying about whether the Republicans have broken their promise to cut $100 billion "in the first year." We check the facts and explain the principles for our future Pledge-O-Meter ruling.

GOP gets its meter moving

Republicans adopt rules for the House, addressing several of their promises. We crank up our new GOP Pledge-O-Meter.

Tracking Republican promises with our new GOP Pledge-O-Meter

We've compiled a database of the Republican leaders' campaign promises and will be tracking and rating them with  our new GOP Pledge-O-Meter. It will use the same rating system as our award-winning Obameter.

Checking the numbers on the economy

The White House released its 2010 economic report, the Republicans responded, and we checked the facts.

A promise or a projection on unemployment?

Republicans contend the White House promised the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 or 8.5 percent. We check the facts.

Your guide to the economic stimulus bill

For two weeks, you've heard claims that the bill includes lots of goodies — millions for Filipino veterans, ACORN and programs for sexually transmitted diseases. We sort out the truth.

In debate about stimulus, arguing about turf

Republicans complain of sculpture gardens, lawn repairs and no time for hearings. We check the facts.

Fast and furious facts about stimulus bill

The bill prompts some exaggerated rhetoric and allegations of earmarks. We check the facts — and award our first Pants on Fire for 2009.

CBO 'report' doesn't say what Cantor claims

Rep. Eric Cantor says the nonpartisan budget office concluded the Democrats' spending proposals 'won't help the economy grow.' But it's not a report and that's not what it says.