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Are Republicans moving the goalposts on the budget debate?

We review the evidence available outside the closed-door negotiations.

GOP moving the needle on Pledge-O-Meter

Rules changes instituted by Republicans when they took control of Congress in January were one thing. How have they played out?

Checking on the GOP's constitutional promise

In a nod to Tea Party supporters, House Republican leaders promised to require constitutional justifications with every bill. We check to see if the promise has been kept.

Fact-checking the federal budget fight

A deadline looms for the federal budget on Friday, with even more deadlines to come.

Let the budget battling begin

The release of President Barack Obama's proposed budget this week has kicked off a back-and-forth over fiscal policy. We start by looking at a claim by the president that  within a couple years, the U.S. will "not be adding more to the national debt."

PolitiFact Georgia cranks up the Deal-O-Meter

Like the Truth-O-Meter? Then meet the Deal-O-Meter. AJC PolitiFact Georgia's new gizmo detects whether our freshly minted governor, Nathan Deal, lives up to his campaign promises. We rolled it out just in time for Inauguration Day on Monday. It has already ruled on promises Deal made on ethics, personal finances and a slew of other issues.  Not that the Truth-O-Meter is idle. We sent it to south central Georgia to learn about wild hogs, then to D.C. for an item on the national debt. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to comment and read our latest updates.

Has the GOP already broken its promise on spending?

The parties are jockeying about whether the Republicans have broken their promise to cut $100 billion "in the first year." We check the facts and explain the principles for our future Pledge-O-Meter ruling.

GOP gets its meter moving

Republicans adopt rules for the House, addressing several of their promises. We crank up our new GOP Pledge-O-Meter.

Tracking Republican promises with our new GOP Pledge-O-Meter

We've compiled a database of the Republican leaders' campaign promises and will be tracking and rating them with  our new GOP Pledge-O-Meter. It will use the same rating system as our award-winning Obameter.

Rep. John Boehner's ice maker claim rated as No. 4

After making more than 100 Truth-O-Meter rulings, the editors who rate the items for PolitiFact Ohio looked back over the year and selected the Top 10 for 2010. Today we offer No. 4: A statement about quirky aspects of the tax laws that were part of health care reform legislation. Rep. John Boehner made the statement when he spoke to the City Club of Cleveland in August.

Checking Palin and Boehner on the Bush tax cuts

With Congress debating whether to extend the Bush tax cuts, there have been lots of claims about public opinion and who is responsible for the cuts expiring. We check claims from Sarah Palin and John Boehner.

Elections are over, but the Truth-O-Meter abides

Memories of the 2010 election may be fading, but the Truth-O-Meter abides. Politicians take liberties with the truth in all seasons. Reporters at AJC PolitiFact Georgia will test their truthiness through the winter holidays and beyond. Last week we paused to make room for other election coverage. This means today's roundup includes only three items. Enjoy. And join us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest updates.

Help us build the House GOP-O-Meter!

We're working on a new campaign promises database for the Republican House majority.

Speaker-to-be Boehner often speaks the truth

Rep. John Boehner said this week that Congress' job, in light of the election, "is to listen to the American people and follow the will of the American people." PolitiFact Ohio and have been listening to Boehner, rating 31 of his statements for accuracy. They show that the speaker-to-be often speaks the truth.

Fact-checking Pelosi's criticism of Boehner

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used a quote by House Minority Leader John Boehner to show how the GOP wants to go back to past economic policies. But Boehner's comment was about social issues.

Obama, back in campaign mode, jabs at GOP

With Democrats facing tough 2010 midterm elections, Obama attacks Republicans in two speeches.

PolitiFact Georgia has week of relative truthiness

PolitiFact Georgia had a week of relative truthiness. We tackled a potpourri of subjects in the past seven days. They included whether federal employees bring home more bacon than your average private-sector employee and a juicy article in Esquire magazine on Newt Gingrich that said his fundraising outshone even that of Republican superstar Sarah Palin.  Two were statements made on national networks: One on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on NBC's "Today" and a second from NBC's "Meet the Press" on stimulus spending. The week's tally: one False, two Half Trues, two Mostly Trues and one True. Here's how the Truth-O-Meter ruled:

Trading barbs on job creation and the stimulus

We check competing visions of the job picture by Vice President Joe Biden and House Minority Leader John Boehner.

The stimulus is funding what?

Republican leaders in Congress have put out lists of stimulus projects that they say are wasteful or unrelated to creating jobs. We took a look to see if the projects were as billed.

Checking the numbers on the economy

The White House released its 2010 economic report, the Republicans responded, and we checked the facts.