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Snooki vs. Obama

In a promo for the new season of MTV's Jersey Shore, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi says Obama has taxed her right out of the indoor tanning salons.

BP liked Obama, but oil stained Palin's hands too

Sarah Palin suggested on Fox News Sunday that there was something unusual and sinister about oil industry donations to President Obama's campaign. We looked into it.   

Did Hayworth challenge push McCain to flip on amnesty?

Arizona senatorial candidate J.D. Hayworth claims his challenge to Sen. John McCain in the Republican primary prompted McCain to change his position on amensty for illegal immigrants.

Fact-checking new claims in the Sarah Palin book

We examine Sarah Palin's claims on the Reagan recession, cap and trade and the McCain tactics on ACORN.

Hannity junkyard scheme is a clunker

Sean Hannity says it's possible to game the system with the used car program. We examine the facts to see if it's possible.

The Czar Administration

Sen. John McCain contends President Barack Obama has more czars than the Romanovs did in Russia. We take a stab at counting the Obama czars and then dig into the history books to see if McCain is right.

What caused crisis? No one thing

Each candidate blames the other. They're both right. And wrong.

Your guide to the last-minute attacks

In their final days on the trail, the candidates repeat their favorite talking points. We check them on the Truth-O-Meter.


We mark the final weekend of the campaign by highlighting some of our favorite Pants on Fire ratings from the past year.

Is McCain within margin of error?

McCain claims he's "within the margin of error," but that's true only for the Fox poll.

Castro on McCain and "the rifle lady"

With an eye on Cuban-American voters in Florida, John McCain claims Fidel Castro is no fan.

Sorting out the truth on the economy

This wraps up our series on key issues of the presidential election. This time, the economy.

Invoking the red menace

The McCain campaign went from tiptoeing around allegations that Obama is a socialist, to outright calling him one.

Sorting out the truth on national security

This is Part 5 of our series on key issues of the presidential election. This time, national security.

Tips and tricks for using PolitiFact

In the final hours before election day, we provide some inside tips on how to find what you want on PolitiFact.

Did Obama balk on Series?

It was no bench-clearing brawl, but McCain claims Obama flip-flopped on who he's rooting for.

Tax cuts for 95 percent? A closer look

So how many people don't pay taxes? We answer that question and more.

Sorting out the truth on Obama, ACORN

McCain and the GOP link Obama and ACORN, but the connection seems more partisan then perilous.

Estimating Joe the Plumber's tax bill

Would plumbers get a tax increase under Obama's plan? If they clear more than $250,000 in profits, yes.

A debate about Joe the Plumber

In their final debate, Obama and McCain spar about whose policies would be better for Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio plumber. We find mistakes by both.