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The State of the Union 'bump' -- in accuracy

The three speakers on Tuesday night -- President Barack Obama and Republican Reps. Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann -- were more careful than other politicians during the 2010 campaign in providing needed caveats to their statistical claims.

Phoenix as kidnapping capital tops reader favorites

When Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst referred to Phoenix in June as the world's No. 2 kidnapping capital, it got our attention. Our resulting review proved to be one of our readers' favorite truth tests, though statements by Rick Perry, John Cornyn and even Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert also intrigued readers. Click on for our inaugural Top 10.

Top 5 falsehoods about the Bush tax cuts

With the tax debate heating up, we review some of the talking points that are just flat wrong.

Michele Bachmann gets it wrong on taxes

On Good Morning America, she gives an overinflated measure for small business owners getting a tax increase.

Shacking up: Social Security & Ponzi schemes

In the past few months, PolitiFact has explored claims likening Social Security to a Ponzi scheme. Strong reader interest in our look at the topic — 100-plus comments on the PolitiFact Facebook page — reminds us that Social Security draws heat.

Elections are over, but the Truth-O-Meter abides

Memories of the 2010 election may be fading, but the Truth-O-Meter abides. Politicians take liberties with the truth in all seasons. Reporters at AJC PolitiFact Georgia will test their truthiness through the winter holidays and beyond. Last week we paused to make room for other election coverage. This means today's roundup includes only three items. Enjoy. And join us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest updates.

The Truth-O-Meter report card on Michele Bachmann

We've checked the Minnesota Republican 11 times and she's never scored higher than a False.

Kidnappings, Social Security, it's your turn

Before we sink into full-blown summer — abundant with fresh statements to test, we hope — let’s unload our mailbag. It’s too heavy to carry through July. These reader notes are edited for length and style.

Fact-checker's delight: Bachmann vs. Grayson

Could we resist fact-checking the most quotable firebrands of the right and the left when they appeared together on CNN? No, we could not.

Speed-reading the health care reform bill?

Rep. Michele Bachmann says three days isn't enough to read the big health care bill. We ask experts how long a typical person would take to read the 1,000 pages.

Bachmann earns two more Pants on Fires

Since January, the Minnesota congresswoman is 0 for 5 on our Truth-O-Meter. Her latest ratings involve two ridiculously false statements about the Census.

Distorting Geithner's comments about the dollar

A Minnesota congresswoman suggests incorrectly that the treasury secretary wants to dump the dollar.